The Sidewinder is a weapon that fires discs that ricochet off walls. It is assigned to slot 9, uses discs for ammo, has a capacity of 30, and can fire 10 discs before reloading.

Primary FireEdit

Fires a disc that ricochets off walls until it disappears. Does about 25 damage.

Secondary FireEdit

Fires a disc that has a mounted camera, changing the view of the player. Moving the mouse will change the direction in which the disc travels. The disc will do 100 damage if it hits a player, enough to tag out anyone that does not have boosted energy or an Electro Shield. If it hits something other than an entity, it will disintegrate and do nothing. After hitting something, the camera returns to the normal view. The disc can be detonated early by pressing the alt fire key during flight.

Known BugsEdit

Sometimes after the disc hits something, the player's crosshair is removed and the player cannot fire or switch weapons until the alt fire key is pressed a second time, after which the player's crosshair will return and the the player's view will zoom to the point where the player's view returned to normal.


It is possible to view the camera disc in third person by typing behindview 1 into the console, however, controlling the disc is much harder.